Saturday, May 23, 2009

There is a very big baby in there...

At least I am guessing there is a very big baby in there. She has been quieter the last couple of days, but still moving. For the record: I am not miserable! Everyone asks, strangers, loved ones, acquaintances, everyone. I actually still feel great and I am not in a hurry to have her outside the womb. I do have pregnancy rash, but it is not horrible. I figure if that is the worst part of this whole end of pregnancy thing, I think I am doing great! Also it is not that we don't want to meet her, but once she is here it is for good. Right now she is warm, fed and happy. Soon enough she will have to come to this world where she can't regulate her body temperature very well, isn't fed 24 hours a day and is having to learn all kinds of new things. So for now she is happy where she is and we are too.

Our appointment went well this past week. The midwife said she looks perfect and all our measurements are great. She has not dropped (from what I can tell) and they didn't do an exam to check progress of labor readiness, maybe next week. I think that is all the news we have on the baby news front. We have completed almost all the physical preparations, but I will blog about that another time!


  1. Maybe she's being calm because she's resting up and getting ready for labor.. dun dun dunnnn.. j/k. I don't think she's dropped yet either. Look at that Sweet Abbey sitting next to you :)

  2. Thanks for the blog link; we'll watch for updates. Also, when daniel was close to coming out, he didn't move much. I figured he was out of room :) I'm excited for you and all that's coming in the next few weeks. You have a great attitude, and that will pay off. Have fun becoming a mom!